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This annual physical panel contains: CBC (Complete Blood Count: Immune Cells, Red Blood Cells/Hematocrit, and Platelets) CMP (Comprehensive Metabolic Panel: Glucose, liver and kidney function, electrolyte and fluid balance) Lipids (LDL and HDL Cholesterol, and Triglycerides) A1c (Glycated Hemoglobin) TSH + Thyroid Free T4 Free T4 (Free Thyroxine Test)


Must be 18+ years of age to purchase Orders not permitted in: AK, HI, AZ


Type of samples to be collected: • Blood (venipuncture – a needle is used to draw blood from a vein) • Urine


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About This Test

Complete Blood Count (CBC test)

Whole blood is made up of various types of cells suspended in a liquid called plasma. The complete blood count (CBC) is an inventory of the different cellular components of the blood: red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Blood cell counts are typically reported as the number of cells in a cubic millimeter of blood (cells/mm3) or as a percentage of all blood cells.

Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP test)

The comprehensive metabolic panel or cmp panel consists of 14 blood tests which serve as an initial medical screening tool to review overall health. The CMP blood test panel functions as a check for kidney function, liver function, and electrolyte and fluid balance.

TSH – Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

The thyroid-stimulating hormone is the best and most common test to check the possibility of thyroid disease in the context of nonexistent dysfunction of the pituitary gland. If this test gives normal values, 0.450−4.500 μIU/mL (>10 yr old) it means that the TSH levels are in the normal range.

An increased level of TSH may suggest that the pituitary gland sends a message that the deficit thyroid does not produce enough hormones which leads to hypothyroidism.

By comparison, if the TSH level is very low, it means that a higher number of hormones was produced and you may suffer from hyperthyroidism.

Free T4 (Free Thyroxine Test)

The thyroid gland secretes and produces T4 which is well known as thyroxine. The thyroxine binds with the proteins and arrives in your tissues throughout the bloodstream.

Further on, the T4 and the proteins split and T4 becomes free to convert itself in T3, a more active form. In general, doctors recommend testing both TSH and free T4 to get to a clearer picture in case of hypothyroidism. The reference interval for this indicator is 0.82-1.77 ng/dl (>19 years old).

Lipid Panel (Cholesterol Test)

The lipid panel valuates the risk for developing atherosclerosis (arterial plaque) and coronary heart disease. This test includes: Total Cholesterol, Triglycerides, HDL Cholesterol, LDL Cholesterol, Total Cholesterol/HDL Ratio. This test requires fasting for 8 hours.

A1C Test (Glycated Hemoglobin)

The A1c test works by measuring the hemoglobin A1c level. Hemoglobin is stored in the red blood cells. When glucose levels are high, the sugar starts to combine with the hemoglobin. It takes the body 8 to 12 weeks to bring hemoglobin A1c levels back to normal. Therefore, if hemoglobin A1c levels are high, that means that there has been a high level of glucose in the blood over the last 2 to 3 months.

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